Saturday, July 14, 2007

8/11 by Roxy: Sweet Nothings

Rex and I dim the lights in the bedroom and lie in bed discussing how madly in love we are with each other. Rex reassures me that no one and no thing could ever come between us and that he has faith, confidence, and trust in me and our relationship. His words bring a few tears of joy to my eyes and make me slowly crawl on top of his naked body with mine and give him a big wet kiss.

My flowing blonde hair drapes over his face and shoulder as I plaster his face with soft luscious kisses. I run my hair over his face and back again and give him another long wet kiss. I slowly move my lips down his neck, over his chest, and down to his cock. After our conversation earlier, all I want to do is pleasure my husband and most of all, make passionate love to him. I start by giving him a little oral pleasure.

I run my tongue down his cock and over his balls and pause to give them a good lick. I slide my tongue back up his cock and guide my mouth down over the head of his cock. Rex voices his enjoyment as I rotate my head around his cock with a little tongue swirl and suck action. I take all of him into my mouth as he comes to a complete erection, rock hard. I continue to push the head of his cock to the back of my throat and pause so that the pressure will produce some good thick spit to lube his entire cock with. I do this a few times and then open the back of my throat so can I take it all. Normally, I would do this a few times, gag a few times, and move on. Tonight was different; I gagged once and tried again and actually felt him slide all the way into the back of my throat! This is so hot; I just officially deep throated my husband! I have to do it a few more times before moving on.

I pull my mouth off his cock and kiss my way back up to his mouth. Straddling him, I tease him a little by sliding his cock up and down my pussy lips, and then guide him inside of me. I wrap my arms around his neck and quickly get to the "making passionate love" part of my agenda.

His lips are so soft and sweet on mine and his cock feels so good inside of me. I push myself up on my elbows and then up on my hands while I continue to work his cock with my pussy. Rex then grabs me and uses his strength and talent to roll me over onto my back while staying inside of me through the entire transition. We didn't miss a beat!

I feel a few more strokes of his cock inside of me and then Rex pulls out and places his face between my legs. As he is making his way down to my pussy I notice how wet Rex has made me and it's only going to get better. His mouth and tongue on my pussy feel good, but unfortunately it doesn't feel "bring me to orgasm" great. He just can't seem to find the right stroke and then something just doesn't feel right. So I pull him off of me to have him reset his mouth and he stops all together and begins to come back up to me. I let him know that I didn't mean for him to stop; he responds that we'll continue after he does a few other sexy and wonderful things to me. So he crawls back up and continues to make passion love to me. The love making is oh so good with lots of kissing, gazing, and smiling followed by more kissing and heavy breathing into my ear. The heavy breathing elicits plenty of erotic noises made by yours truly, and Rex soon explodes inside of me. So hot!

He was serious about finishing the oral, because his tongue is back on my clit in record time. My pussy is swollen, wet, and ready for him to bring me to orgasm. We are definitely in synch now, and his mouth feels amazing. I'm really enjoying what feels like swirling around my clit. Before long, his amazing tongue has me shuddering and contracting on his face. He draws out my orgasm by lingering even longer than usual as I squirm beneath him.

Rex and I lay side by side holding hands enjoying the after glow while periodically opening our eyes long enough to see each other smiling. Another great ending to another great day.

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