Saturday, July 14, 2007

8/9 by Roxy: Welcome To The Jungle

Rex and I are having a great time this evening taking nude photos of us together. The lights and our naked bodies rubbing all over each other is making it pretty hot in the room, so we turn out the lights and collapse on the bed to preview the pictures we've taken. After we cool off, we decide to pick up where we left off, but without the camera.

Rex is lying on top of me teasing me with his cock. I'm thinking a picture of him on top of me with my legs wrapped around him would be a great shot, but I'm definitely not going to stop to take a picture! I can't take the teasing any more, so I wrap my legs all the way around him and pull him into me.

8/11 by Rex: Deep Throat

We've just spent a big chunk of the evening talking about fantasies, our relationship, and various titillating subjects. It has quite put us in the mood. We stop talking and start kissing, touching, and smiling. I'm in the mood for Roxy to do the driving tonight, and she's soon sitting on top of me, looking down at me and deciding what to do with me.

She decides and I'm soon enjoying her long, blonde hair as she drags it up and down my body. I love it when she does that. Throw in a fair amount of kissing, nibbling, and grinding, and she figures out I'm ready for more. She moves down the bed, teases my cock with her tongue for a moment or two, and then takes me into her mouth. Roxy's blow jobs get better every week, and this one keeps the streak going.

Every time she goes down on me lately, she works on deep-throating me, taking me deeper and deeper each time. Tonight, for the first time, I feel the head of my cock slip into her throat. I almost lose it right there! Two or three times, she repeats the feat, and I'm in absolute heaven.

But as much fun as that is, I really just want to make love to her tonight, and she soon travels back up my chest and guides me into her pussy. It's not long before she eases herself down and lies on my chest, her cheek next to mine. She spends what seems like an eternity breathing erotically into my ear and riding me, slowly and gently.

When I sense that she's tiring, I turn her over onto her back and decide to go down on her. It turns out she's not yet in the mood for it, so she pulls me back up to her and into her. We go on to have some great lovemaking, full of kissing and smiling, until I come inside her.

This time, we're both on the same page and I get back to licking her sweet pussy. The planets are lined up for us now, and she's moaning, gasping, and writhing as I work her clit. I try to maintain the stroke that's now driving her wild, and it's not long before her pussy is contracting and her hands are gripping my hair, holding me to her.

The evening has been a nice mix of loving, fucking, and connecting with each other. The afterglow completes the night and it's off to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow.

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8/11 by Roxy: Sweet Nothings

Rex and I dim the lights in the bedroom and lie in bed discussing how madly in love we are with each other. Rex reassures me that no one and no thing could ever come between us and that he has faith, confidence, and trust in me and our relationship. His words bring a few tears of joy to my eyes and make me slowly crawl on top of his naked body with mine and give him a big wet kiss.

My flowing blonde hair drapes over his face and shoulder as I plaster his face with soft luscious kisses. I run my hair over his face and back again and give him another long wet kiss. I slowly move my lips down his neck, over his chest, and down to his cock. After our conversation earlier, all I want to do is pleasure my husband and most of all, make passionate love to him. I start by giving him a little oral pleasure.

I run my tongue down his cock and over his balls and pause to give them a good lick. I slide my tongue back up his cock and guide my mouth down over the head of his cock. Rex voices his enjoyment as I rotate my head around his cock with a little tongue swirl and suck action. I take all of him into my mouth as he comes to a complete erection, rock hard. I continue to push the head of his cock to the back of my throat and pause so that the pressure will produce some good thick spit to lube his entire cock with. I do this a few times and then open the back of my throat so can I take it all. Normally, I would do this a few times, gag a few times, and move on. Tonight was different; I gagged once and tried again and actually felt him slide all the way into the back of my throat! This is so hot; I just officially deep throated my husband! I have to do it a few more times before moving on.

I pull my mouth off his cock and kiss my way back up to his mouth. Straddling him, I tease him a little by sliding his cock up and down my pussy lips, and then guide him inside of me. I wrap my arms around his neck and quickly get to the "making passionate love" part of my agenda.

His lips are so soft and sweet on mine and his cock feels so good inside of me. I push myself up on my elbows and then up on my hands while I continue to work his cock with my pussy. Rex then grabs me and uses his strength and talent to roll me over onto my back while staying inside of me through the entire transition. We didn't miss a beat!

I feel a few more strokes of his cock inside of me and then Rex pulls out and places his face between my legs. As he is making his way down to my pussy I notice how wet Rex has made me and it's only going to get better. His mouth and tongue on my pussy feel good, but unfortunately it doesn't feel "bring me to orgasm" great. He just can't seem to find the right stroke and then something just doesn't feel right. So I pull him off of me to have him reset his mouth and he stops all together and begins to come back up to me. I let him know that I didn't mean for him to stop; he responds that we'll continue after he does a few other sexy and wonderful things to me. So he crawls back up and continues to make passion love to me. The love making is oh so good with lots of kissing, gazing, and smiling followed by more kissing and heavy breathing into my ear. The heavy breathing elicits plenty of erotic noises made by yours truly, and Rex soon explodes inside of me. So hot!

He was serious about finishing the oral, because his tongue is back on my clit in record time. My pussy is swollen, wet, and ready for him to bring me to orgasm. We are definitely in synch now, and his mouth feels amazing. I'm really enjoying what feels like swirling around my clit. Before long, his amazing tongue has me shuddering and contracting on his face. He draws out my orgasm by lingering even longer than usual as I squirm beneath him.

Rex and I lay side by side holding hands enjoying the after glow while periodically opening our eyes long enough to see each other smiling. Another great ending to another great day.

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8/14 by Rex: Don't You Move

Once again, it's the end of a long day. I'm already in bed when Roxy finally joins me. We start in with the smooching and the touching and it's clear that we're both really in the mood.

After quite a few minutes of deep, wet kisses, my lips decide they want to travel down her chest. I start with her neck, kiss my way down to her breasts, and spend some time kissing my way around each nipple without actually touching them. I continue down her torso to her upper thighs before making my way back up. This time, I stop at her breasts and devour her nipples before finishing my trek back up to her lips.

8/14 by Roxy: A Well Oiled Machine

A very busy evening is now winding down. I climb into an already occupied king sized bed and snuggle up next to my husband. We comment on how busy, yet fun, the evening was, and continue the fun by passionately kissing one another. It's clear that we both plan on making the evening even better by making love.

I caress his lips with my tongue, before pressing my lips against his for what seemed like minutes. He passionately kisses me back with a long wet kiss as I grab his upper lip with mine and gently suck. Before long, Rex is rolling me over onto my back. I willingly go because that means we are one step closer to him being inside of me.

He asks if he can kiss me down my chest and I respond with an enthusiastic yes. He gently kisses around both of my breast as I continue to become wet and long for his cock inside of me. He kisses down my belly and back up again, pausing at my breasts to suck on my nipples, which I love. It turns me on to watch him take my nipple into his mouth over and over again.

He makes his way back up to me and places his cock right were I want it, between my legs and inside of me. He props himself up over me so that we each get a good view of the other's face as well as his cock probing me. We continue to gaze into each others eyes and smile at one another while periodically looking down to watch my pussy swallow his cock. I'm all worked up and ready for an orgasm. I am about to ask Rex to go down on me when he pauses and pulls out. It's as if he can read my mind, because at that moment he places his face between my legs.

His magical tongue goes to work on my clit. There are no distractions tonight; only my complete enjoyment of a man who knows how to orally please a woman. I am at the top of my climax and relax my body just enough to plateau my orgasm. A few extra seconds of ecstasy via my husband's tongue is such a lovely thing. Rex continues to play between my legs, placing just the right amount of pressure on my clit while sliding his fingers in and out of me. I am enjoying every minute of it. I think if he continues long enough, I might have a second orgasm, so I allow him to play.

It's getting late and there is no way to know how long a second orgasm would take, so Rex makes his way back up to me, laying his body on mine and sliding his cock inside of me again. There is nothing like my husband's cock inside of me right after I orgasm. It is simply amazing. He seems to get right down to business and begins fucking me hard and fast. Our bodies are moving together as one like a well oiled machine. Both of us are pumping to the same rhythm with his arms wrapped around my shoulders just as mine are wrapped around his. This is one of the best ending positions we have ever performed. I'm not sure how we did it, but it worked for both of us, because before I know it Rex is coming inside of me. We linger in the moment by continuing to hold each other tight for several minutes before loosening our grip and rolling over onto the bed, spent and ready for sleep.

Now the evening is complete!

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8/16 by Roxy: Rescue Roxy

I did some blogging before bedtime this evening and, therefore, spent a good hour thinking about sex with my loving husband. So I don't waste any time getting ready for bed and sliding between the sheets. Rex is right behind me and asks if I'm interested in watching "Rescue Me" on TV. I reply, "how about rescuing me from this longing for an orgasm?" We both get big smiles on our faces and he responds, "I like the way you think." He places the remote on the nightstand and crawls into bed, waiting for me to have my way with him.

8/18 by Rex: Love That Shower

We've just gotten Rugrat to bed, somewhat early, and Roxy's on her way to the shower. She invites me along, which is exactly what I'm hoping she'll do. I give her some time to shave before hopping in with her. I'm in the midst of washing up when she asks me to wash her back. Now we're talking!

I soap up her shower scrunchie and give her a good back scratching along the way. Done with the scrunchie, I get rid of it and finish up my cleaning job with my bare hands, taking care of her entire backside before I'm finished. Before I know it, she's turned around and our mouths are locked together in a deep, wet kiss.

We continue to kiss for several minutes, during which time she starts to play with my rock hard cock. Not to be outdone, I join in the fun by playing with her pussy. She doesn't normally respond enthusiastically to my manual attention, but tonight I seem to have the magic touch. She's moaning into my mouth, I'm moaning into hers, and our hands are furiously working their magic.

Roxy decides she's had enough foreplay, braces one foot against the wall behind me, and pulls me toward her. My cock slides effortlessly inside her, her pussy soaking wet from our previous activities. I'm now gliding in and out of her, my pace increasing until she's panting with urgency and pulling my face to hers for minutes at a time.

The next thing I know, she's actually bouncing up and down on my cock. I don't know how she's doing this while standing on one leg after already fucking for fifteen minutes, but it turns me on! I know she won't be able to maintain this feat for long, so I kick it into high gear and focus my mind on achieving my orgasm. Before long, I'm coming inside her as she pants into my ear.

Roxy is seriously talented in the shower. Talented enough that I actually look forward to "the curse", just so we have an excuse to get crazy in the shower!

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